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Binary Predicate

Category: functors Component type: concept


A Binary Predicate is a Binary Function whose result represents the truth or falsehood of some condition. A Binary Predicate might, for example, be a function that takes two arguments and tests whether they are equal.

Refinement of

Binary Function

Associated types

Result type The type returned when the Binary Predicate is called. The result type must be convertible to bool.


F A type that is a model of Binary Predicate
X The first argument type of F
Y The second argument type of F
f Object of type F
x Object of type X
y Object of type Y

Valid expressions

Name Expression Type requirements Return type
Function call f(x,y)   Convertible to bool

Expression semantics

Name Expression Precondition Semantics Postcondition
Function call f(x,y) The ordered pair (x,y) is in the domain of f. Returns true if the condition is satisfied, false if it is not. The result is either true or false.

Complexity guarantees




See also

Predicate, Adaptable Predicate, Adaptable Binary Predicate

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