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Postman's Sort

Postman's Sort is a LINEAR TIME general purpose file sorting program for PC compatible computers. Incorporating this program in your applications can save you time, money and guarantee high performance in your applications that do sorting.

  • Typically two to four times as fast other sorting programs. For example, a file of 100,000 records each 180 bytes long can be sorted in 4 seconds on a 200MHz Pentium Pro.
  • Runs standalone or called from another program
  • No limit on file size
  • Fixed, Variable, and Data Delimited file types
  • Field types accommodated include alphabetic, signed and unsigned binary, packed decimal, ascii numeric, ieee floating point among others.
  • Flexible and Natural specification of sorting fields and collating sequences from command line or command file.
  • All versions exploit all available system memory to minimize sorting time.
  • Can be used as a standalone sorting utility, called from another program, called as a subroutine or called as a co-routine.

The Postman's Sort is especially useful on LARGE files where time saved is the greatest.

Versions are available for DOS, Windows 3.1, Win/95/98/NT, OS/2 and UNIX.