GameBoy Developer's Tools

This is a group of tools for building and testing programs for the Gameboy Color on a windows PC. The tools included are:


This is a modified version of the Small Device C Compiler available here. This package differs from the SDCC official release in the following:

Gameboy Developer's kit by Pascal Felber

Several people have contributed enhancements to this kit. I've made a number of changes which I found necessary. But most of the work is due to previous contributors

Examples of small applications built with these tools


This windows program used for creating gameboy graphics. To use this program:
  1. Create *.bmp files using microsoft paint or similar program. These bit maps should be a multiple of 8 bits wide and high
  2. Open all the *.bmp file with Db2gb. This can be done by the file open command. But it's usually much easier to select a whole group of files with windows explorer and drop them onto Db2bgb icon or open application.
  3. Now should be able to see all your bit maps. You select window/tile to make them all visible at once.
  4. Use File/Save All to create Gameboy C code files for all these bitmaps. The tile data is shared among all the bit maps. There is a tile map which contains all the icons and finally a table of indices into the tile map for each icon. The makes the most efficient usage of the gameboy tiling scheme.

VGBC - Virtual Gamboy Color by Rusty Wagner

I've found this to be indispensible for testing and debugging gameboy programs.


All you every wanted to know about gameboy sound setup.


I found this program indispensble for experimenting with gameboy sound to get the sounds I want. Once I had them, I could use the parameters in my code and get the same sounds.