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Data Monitor PC Host

This program controls a telemetry "black box" through a serial port. Engelhard Corporation, Santa Barbara

Major Features
  • This program downloaded and stored and accumulated data such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration etc, and graphed the results.
  • Also implemented real time graphing of data.
  • This product is part of a sensor/telemetry package sold by Engelhard.
  • Written in 16 bit Visual Basic 4.0
  • Runs under Win 3.1 as well as Win/95/NT
  • Uses Graphing OCX to prepare and customise graphs.
To install the package:
  1. the zip file.
  2. Unzip to separate directory.
  3. Invoke the program setup.exe in the directory.
  4. Execute the program vg16.exe
  5. Open a demo *.vgx file to view and manipulate a graph
The total size of thie package is about 3MB so be sure that your computer and modem setup is fast enough to do this in a reasonable time.