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Boost Serialization Library is an organization dedicated to providing C++ libraries that provide advanced features for C++ programmers. These libraries are distinguished by:
  • High quality - before being accepted as a boost library, candidates are subjected to an extremely rigorous peer review system to assure utility, correctness, and elegance of design.
  • Portability - all boost libraries are subject to testing on a variety of compilers and operating systems.
  • Correctness - exhaustive test cases for each library
  • Power - many boost libraries use advanced C++ features such as template meta-programming to make libraries more flexible and powerful.
  • Breadth - the code base in the boost libraries is extremely large and varied.

After a formal review, my submission has been accepted in to the boost library. It is part of the standard boost distribution starting at version 1.32 released 17 November 2004. If you are new to boost and want to use the serialization library, I recommend you install the latest boost distribution. This is available at You can view the documentation of the latest boost serialization library here .

I gave a talk titled "Is Boost Broken?". Both the slides and video are available

Software Development '08 I gave a talk on the library at SoftwareDevelopment '08. You can Download the Power Point slides and use them for any purpose that suits you.

For those curious about what construction of a library like this entails, I've written a paper "Making A Boost Library" which I presented at the OOPSLA '05 conference. Interested parties can check the current status of my tests here