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IRESS Controller

Reactive Sputtering, Inc. offers a reactive sputtering controller that will enable the user to reactively deposit many compound films from an elemental target, allowing the process to achieve increased flexibility, repeatability, reliability, and throughput. By precisely controlling the partial pressure of the reactive gas through the application of nested control loops, IRESS helps the user to control such variables as hardness, color, optical constants, electrical, and thermal properties. Repeatability is ensured with proprietary calibration routines including hysteresis curve generation, as well as techniques to eliminate long term control signal drift.

This system is controlled from a host PC with a Program written for this express purpose. I provides:

  • editing of setup and control parameters (recipe).
  • a user interface during operation.
  • control so that multiple units can operate in a coordinated fashion<./li>
  • tools for hysterisis curve generation and display
  • Microsoft Automation Object to permit customers to supply thier own operator user interface

Bob helped to save our start-up company. We had a new product in the pipeline that depended very heavily on its software to perform the desired function. Unfortunately the initial software engineer that we hired to do the job turned out to be way in over his head. We brought Bob on board to replace the first software engineer, and Bob very quickly focused the needs of the software to perform the desired functions of the instrument. He brought the project back on track, and he was very instrumental in making our product work as desired. In addition he added features to the software that we had not initially envisioned as being import to the software, but with time they have turned out to be invaluable. His expertise had been very important to the success of our company. Bob has always been available to troubleshoot customer problems and pre-sales queries which often are not even related to the software itself. The system has been regularly enhanced to track operating system upgrades, evolving customer functional and usability requirements. All this at but a very small fraction of what it would have cost to have a full time employee on the job."

Bill Sproul, CEO, Reactive Sputtering, Inc.