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BAT Keyboard

InfoGrip, Inc. Develops and markets products using "Assistive Technology". We developed updated hardware and firmware for an updated version of the InfoGrip BAT. The orginal design consisted of microprocessor, EPROM, battery backed RAM, on two separate circuit boards (right and left handed). The original version took a man-year to program. Our modern version consists of a one chip solution which implements a USB interface, fits on "flipable" circuit board for right and left handed versions. This product required two man-months for all hardware and software development. Key technologies used are: PIC microprocessor CCS C compiler USB implementation compatible with standard USB HID device class.

Robert Ramey Software Development is a pleasure to work with. Robert constantly met all of our deadlines with impeccable work. His knowledge and skill level far surpassed any developer that we have ever worked with. We have been so pleased with Robert's work that we have referred him to other companies in the assistive technology industry."

Aaron Gaston, InfoGrip, Inc..