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What I do

My specialty is computer systems development and implementation. This includes:

How I Work

This approach has the following advantages:

Terms and Conditions

Professional time of Robert Ramey will be billed at an hourly rate quoted upon agreement of the scope of the effort.

In addition, the client will reimburse all expenses.

Expenses include all out of pocket costs such as travel, telephone, printing and copying, postage, user fees for on-line information retrieval, computer software required to realize the clients project, publications, independent contractor assistance, and similar items. Other costs such as mileage will be treated as expenses at rates approximating local commercial charges.

Bills will be submitted bi-montly. Bills are due and payable when submitted and are consider overdue in 15 days.

The client always has the right to terminate the assignment. In such a case the client has no liability for charges beyond those incurred on their behalf through the date when notice of termination is received.

It is understood that I and my contractors, if any, shall be in the relation of independent contractors with the client, and nothing herein shall be construed as designating us as employees or agents of the client for any purpose.

I agree to assign to the client all right, title and interest in copyrightable or patentable material developed for and paid for by the client. This excludes programs not developed and paid for by the client which may be incorporated at no charge into work submitted to the client.

I will guard as confidential all information concerning the affairs of the client that is gathered during the course of the assignment. I agree to hold such information in strict confidence, and not to disclose it to others until such information is released by the client.

I will not serve two or more competing clients in areas of vital interest without first informing each client.


Before dedicating my time to computer systems consulting, I was owner of a data processing service in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This was the largest business of its type in the country. This enterprise was founded by me in the mid 1970's and sold in 1985.

During those years I installed business information systems in hundreds of companies. These systems were designed to solve the kinds of problems that every business has: accounting, inventory, personal, customer service, etc. On occasion, I also did consulting for local government such as control of traffic citations and records.

Since moving to Santa Barbara, I have dedicated my time to varied activities such as computer programming and writing articles for computer journals.

References are available on request.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Operations Research and Finance from the University of California, Berkeley as well as a Bachelors degree from the same institution. For more information, see my


Professional Responsibility

The basic responsibility of every business consultant is to put the interests of clients ahead of his own, and to serve them with integrity and competence.

I know that I am being hired for independent judgement and objectivity, technical expertise, analytical skill and concentrated attention to the solution of a problem. I will provide those skills. I will be impartial.

I will guard the confidentiality of all client information. I will not take financial gain or any other kind of advantage based on inside information. I will not serve two or more competing clients on sensitive problems without obtaining the approval of each client to do so. We will inform the client of any circumstances which might influence my judgement or objectivity.

Before accepting an assignment, I will confer with the client in sufficient detail to understand the problem and the scope of study needed to solve it. Such preliminary consultations are conducted confidentially, on terms agreed to by the client.

I will accept only those assignments I am qualified to perform which will provide real benefit to the client. But I cannot guarantee any specific results such as the amount of cost reduction or profit increase. I present my qualifications on the basis of competence and experience. I perform each assignment on an individualized basis, and develop recommendations specifically for the practical solution of each client problem.

I do not accept commissions or pay them to others for client referrals. Nor may I accept fees or commisions from others for recommending equipment, supplies, or services to his clients, as this would affect my impartiality.

Why Retain a Consultant

The only justification for any business decision is improvement in long term profits. My expertise, efficiency, and objectivity guarentee that each and every project undertaken on client behalf will yield results far in excess of the costs incurred.