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Robert Ramey Software Development

I provide services for the design and development of products requiring expertise in software, electronics, and mechanical engineering. These services can include:
  • Consulting on Product Concept
  • Product Development and Testing
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Development and Prototyping
  • Management of Contract Manufacturing
I rely on my own long experience in software, electronics and business as well as that of collaborators with specialized skills.

Latest News!

September, 2018

End of Error: Presentation at CPPCon 2018 on Boost Safe Numerics

April, 2018

Original STL Library Documentation recovered and hosted here.

Wednesday September 28, 2017

Writing Effective C++ Documentation ...
with Minimal Effort: Presentation at CPPcon 2017

February, 2017

Article in ACCU Overload "Correct Integer Operations with Minimal Runtime Penalties"

Wednesday September 21, 2016

C++, Abstract Algebra and Applications: Presentation at CPPCon 2016

Monday September 19, 2016

Safe Numerics Presentation at CPPCon 2016

Tuesday September 22nd, 2015

Safe Numerics Library submission to C++ Standard Commitee.

Boost Units Library for Correct Code
Tuesday May 12th, 2015

Boost 2.0 presentation at C++Now 2015

Wednesday May 13th, 2015

CPP Podcast featuring Robert Ramey

Wednesday September 22, 2014

How You Can Make a Boost Library Presentation at CPPcon 2014

Wednesday Jan 7, 2015

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