Test and Build

One of the key features of Boost librariies is that they are extensively tested. This is done by volunteers who test all the libraries on particular platforms. From our perspecitve here, this has a number of drawbacks:

  • It is very demanding on the voluteers. Usually takes all night to run tests on all of boost.

  • The environments being tested might or might not be the same as those platforms that users actually use.

  • It's not obvious how to test just one library.

  • It only includes libraries already accepted into boost. So it is of no help to target audience of this web site.

To address these considerations we will require that every library submission include the following:

  • A reasonably complete set of tests which can be run by anyone who downloads the library.

  • A test script for running these tests.

This will permit any users of a submitted library to run his own tests.

Elsewhere on this website, we'll describe the test system we recommend.

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